Uppie by Jan Sebastian Van Ackeren

Jan Sebastian Van Ackeren Discloses The Uppie Domestic Bathroom Aid

Jan Sebastian van Ackeren, the author of the highlighted work Uppie - Domestic Bathroom Aid by Jan Sebastian van Ackeren says, Uppie - a space and cost effective stand-up help. It addresses the challenge of ‘western ageing population demographic’ and means to enable ageing in place. Designed with state of the art technology; the frame is an adjustable retrofit and integrates into any bathroom environment seamlessly. The elderly are often confronted with the fear of falling, potentially leading to bone fractures and even resulting in subsequent deaths. Uppie is designed to give a sense of security and independence when visiting the bathroom, so both the ageing and their relatives have a more peaceful state of mind..

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VIA: http://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=56941

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